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Oh my gosh love your fan fic so much! How old are you because I think you will be famous one day, fr. You are a really great author, keep up the good work!

I’m actually 13 ew

I’m hoping to write screenplays or novels one day, to do something like that would be v nice. 



Why not?

Chapter 19

Ian’s POV

There it is.

My eyes followed a large castle wall. It stood high and victorious above me, taunting me with its height and strength. 

Maddie stood mighty next to me, scanning the building for a way to get in. Her eyes darted from window to window, from door to door. She was quietly mouthing the words to an unknown song, and picking at the corner of her hands that rested at her sides. Poor thing. 

The large structure was tall and brick, it slowly seemed to be fading in and out of reality, each part seemed to be getting sketchier and stranger. 

"Well, this is it," I whispered to myself gazing upward at the humongous doors waiting before us. 

"Yep. It all ends now, Ian." She replied breaking her daze with the structure and turning to me. 

"So, where do we start?" 

"Where everyone does; the front doors." She shrugged and reached a hand out for the huge fortress doors. She heaved both hands on it and it slowly creaked open. 

Inside it was a large marble floor, designed like a chess board. It was almost like a large ballroom, a large balcony perched on the upper wall. It seemed prestique and proper, with the long glass windows and the beautiful painted ceiling with a gorgeous glass chandelier. Pillars seemed to hold the whole thing up, along with sad depressing sculptures that lined the walls. 

I stepped inside first, my leather shoes causing a loud echo. Maddie stayed behind me, still shocked at what was before her. I kept walking steadily, trying to keep my nerves hidden.

Blood pulsed through me as I felt an adrenaline rush coming on. I was on edge and my chest felt heavy. I knew what I’d have to do, and I’d have to do it quickly. I couldn’t let my timing get the best of me. My mind started mapping out fighting options and strategies. Anthony’s reassuring voice echoed in the back of my head which caused a sting of longing to surge through my chest.

"Welcome, Ian," A voice suddenly spoke. My heart started beating faster as I jerked my head up to the balcony. A figure with a dark cloak leaned on the marble railing. "So you’ve come to find your death."

I grunted and glared at him, putting on a brave face. 

"I’ve come to find my life." I spat back. He smirked and darkly chuckled. 

"Feisty one, huh? Well, We’ll have to put you in line then," He growled as he pulled himself on to the railing. He put one foot out and leaned forward, diving of the railing. He was in the air for a matter of seconds before landing on the floor with a thud. He crouched on the tiles, regaining his balance. 

He stood up and revealed his true form. His hair was straight and sleek white. His clothes were a cloak and a dark jumper sort thing. It was only now that I realized he had a shiny black spear firmly gripped in his right hand. 

I clenched my fists together and forced myself to meet his grave gaze. There was a battle scar tracing his chin, and running down through his neck. 

It was at this time I realized I had no weapons.

Except my mind.

"Good luck, boy,"

"I don’t need it, but thanks any way," I smirked rudely before he threw the spear at me. I dodged it and controlled a nearby statue to fly at him. He dodged that as well. 

His legs seemed to move quickly and gracefully, simultaneously and amazingly fast. I threw the same one at his place but he jumped. 

He jumped all the way back up to the balcony and remained perched on the railing. He glanced at me with a snicker before snapping his fingers. 

As sound as the snap sounded something huge entered the room. Something dark. Something dangerous. 

Something peculiar. 

 A vortex was forming. It was deep black, endless and frightening. The walls began to drag themselves inward, falling into the black hole. 

Everything was slipping away, bit by bit. The objects drifted slowly toward the dark mass. They were edging near it curiously, until they were obviated into some other dark place. 

Colors smeared in with the blackness. It looked like a child’s water color on a painted black canvas. 

One by one the marble tiles flew off into the vortex, leaving a white space below it. The black hole quickly filled in the space and continued gobbling up more floor. The more space it had, the more powerful it became. 

I glanced back to the balcony, where the demon still sat, laughing. For a brief second his eyes met mine and he shot me a glare. Then in a moment, with a snap of his fingers, he vanished.

My eyes searched the surrounding area vastly, but there was no trace of the entity. I looked around, panicked, but was knocked from my senses when I heard a shrill scream.

Maddie was hanging on by a marble tile and slipping into the gigantic black hole. Tears of horror were streaming down her smooth cheeks and her fingers were slowly slipping off the edge. I rushed over and knelt by her side against the incredible winds.

“Maddie!” I cried, putting a hand out to her.

“Ian!” She screamed back. The tips of her mouth were edged into a small relieved and very sad smile.

“Grab on!” I demanded, gesturing to my hand which was right next to her face. She shook her head and more tears ran down her face.

“I can’t, Ian,” She said, biting her lip. “Not this time.”

“What? Maddie, just-“ I protested but she cut me off.

“Ian, you need to go back with Anthony, right now.”

“No, Maddie, I need-“

“You need Anthony. I’m of no use to you anymore,” She gasped for breath but forced a smile. “You’ll be fine, Ian.”

“Maddie, I-“

“We’ve had a good run. Besides, I’m not even real, I’m an idea,” She sniffled as stronger winds gusted into her face. “Good luck, Ian.”

“Maddie! No-“

“Goodbye, Ian,” She smiled sadly for the last time and let go.

Maddie fell back into the blackness and down the black hole. Her body seemed so frail and delicate, her hair behind her like a flag. Her arms on either side of her went upwards and her mouth remained open in a small smile; no noise coming out.

Time seemed to move in slow motion and I called out her name for the last time. My voice was barely audible above the winds.

Before her entire being fell down, the smile on her lips went slightly bigger at the sound of her name. Within seconds she was swallowed by the darkness and small sparks of light took her place.

In that moment the swirling madness around me froze. Light was everywhere, streaming into my vision and every end of the castle.  My eyes barely had time to close because of the familiar voice ringing in my ears.

“Goodbye, Ian,” Maddie’s voice whispered finally.

Are you almost done with chapter 19? This fan fiction has been stuck in the back of my head for the last two weeks! Can you give me an approximate date you think it's going to be out? By the way, you're such a good writer, this story has been WONDERFUL.

I’ll try for May 18. Thanks, I try my best at writing, since it’s the one thing I can control! I’m currently going through the ‘omfg why did i write that a year ago’ stage and rereading and editing everything. So yes, I will def go for May 18, even though that’s like WAY out there. Sorry!

how far along are you? no rush. (ps i just found you last night and finish it all in 2 1/2 hours. i love it so so so very much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

oMFG i love you too (>^_^)> I’m about 25% of the way through i’m lazy sorry

When do u estimate chapter 19 will come out?!!?! :D

nGH i don’t know okay honestly maybe next month or something i dONT KNWO OKAYAYY

no but seriously i love this im sorry for correcting you. i get annoying when i try to correct someone.

You’re not annoying, you’re far from it! Thanks for correcting me, I’ll probably reread and edit all of them soon. And a little constructive critisizm is good (I rarely get any, but I NEED some more)